Windy Ridge September 10 2006

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I have a view of the Grand Central baking parking lot so around 9 I
started to keep an eye out for Ken's Goldwing. Around 9:20 I noticed a
touring bike but it wasnt a goldwing. I walked over and it was Russ
Downing. A few minutes later John O'Keefe walks up.  John informed us
he was all ready to ride this morning but couldn't come because his
battery was dead on the GS, but we wanted to have coffee and wish us
well. Ken said he and Lisa would meet us but we waited and they never
arrived. I made sure Russ knew what he was getting into and off we
went around 10am.

WA14 was fine. I was taking it pretty easy. We got gas in Carson then
headed up. I barely even needed a map. The signs on the roads were
best. I like FS30. I think it was once my favorite road. No longer #1
(that is still Rattlesnake grade) but it is in the top 5.

It was officially motorcycle day up there. Sooo many riders. I got
passed by a couple squids in jeans up FS30. I was trying not to
completely lose my license, they made the actual speed limit _30mph_
in the best sections of FS30. The really unfortunate side effect
(besides going slower) was that they didn't mark any speeds on any of
the corners. Was fine for me but I wonder if those unmarked 25's might
have contributed to any accidents up there. Although I didn't see any
sort of accidents all day.

FS25 and FS90 were fun too. Although by far my favorite of the ride is
FS99 the last 20 or so miles up to Helens. Almost all 20's and 25's. I
didnt get stuck behind many slow vehicles for most the whole day. The
ridge part of windy ridge is the best. The last 5 miles of tight turns
with gorgeous view.  You can see through 5 or 6 turns ahead. Quite a
few rock slides though, watch out in some corners. Fun ride and nice
and scenic. About 2 miles up I came upon my first FS LEO who was going
under the speed limit. I didnt pass him and was able to enjoy more of
the view that way. I even stopped for a picture (yes my camera came
back to life, I suspect temporarily).

I remember feeling at the top that I remembered the ride being more
scary. Today it was fine. Very nice combination of different style
roads. The parking lot was about 3/4 full. Ted came over to say Hi,
then Russ pulled in and soon after Ken and Lisa pulled up. Turned out
they had gone to the Lloyd center Grand Central baking. It all worked
out though and we got to hang out.

The FS cops were hanging around and I didnt have 5$ to buy a FSpass.
We ate and chatted for a few minutes. I still wanted to go back the
same way we came to take FS30 again. I had plenty of gas but Ken
needed to fill up in Couger and Russ decided to take the shorter route
home. I hear that part of 90 is scenic.

The ride home was very nice. I was able to enjoy the _whole_ ride down
FS99. It was really really fun. The biggest danger all day was the bad
road surface condition (or lack thereof). Some serious gouges which
could easily catch a tire, lots of large sharp bumps. Lots of old
patches. Luckily they were almost all in the right lane and could be
avoided by chosing a different line. You can see through turns for a
mile up there so using both sides of the pavement is easy when
necessary. I thought it was odd that the right hand side of the road
going down was in _much_ worse shape then the lane going up.

Overall it was a very nice ride. I hope to do it again soon. Oh yeah,
and it was cold going up in the morning. I was glad I had something to
put on. Next time I'm bringing my Gerbing, it's that time of year I
guess. Sigh. The summer riding was really fun. Lucky is now at 4830.

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