Ride report: Labor day ride, September 4th, 2006

Total mileage on Lucky 4580 (still no license plate)

Rode 324mi total today. Started out about 10am from Hillsboro, headed
south and west. The map I have doesn't show it all but roughly 219 to
Laurelwood to yamhill to Carlton then Nestucca river road. It isn't
labeled on my map but it is now highlighted. Not too much traffic,
cooler temps and nice road. Twisty and scenic.  It claims to be mostly
gravel but the map lies. Only a few miles of gravel if you miss the
good turnoff. I'm starting to like gravel, uh oh.

Apparently my little Gather ride report gave the impression that I was
a little _too_ excited about going fast. I had to remind Gustavo that
I have not changed. I'm still the same old cautious rider as always.
I'm just a little too honest and open in my ride reports, guess that
might need to change. I always ride my own pace and gee after 20,000
mi of practice I'm a lot more comfortable and figured out a few
things. That is all. Gustavo and Brian didn't have to wait for me but
I sure wasn't passing anyone on this ride!

The ride was very nice, lots of 30's and 20's with some pleasant views
in the straights. We ended up in Oceanside to sample some of the
community center's fundraiser hotdogs from Brian and Julie B. On the
way we took a short cut on one of the worst roads Ive been on. If you
can call it that. Mostly washed out pot holed pavement with lots of
gravel. Mixed with the turns, traffic and sunlight it was challenging.
But fun. My bike deals well with gravel. I was just happy not to be
stuck in hwy22 RV traffic anymore.

Then Brian was able to get away and we all rode Nestucca again. Very
fun. But maan was it cold at the coast. It made me wish I had my
electric jacket for a bit. Then as soon as we got a bit higher in
elevation away from the ocean it warmed up. By the time Gustavo and I
got back to the valley it was down right hot. I was very grateful we
rode to the coast instead of Windy Ridge like I wanted. I think we
found the only roads with little traffic today.

Oh and I was just amazed with the number of people who pulled over to
let us pass. It was a record. At least 10 people.  It wasn't until I
almost got home that it occured to me that my 11k revving all day may
have had some influence on encouraging open windowed motorists to let
us pass. heh. Ive finally figured out how to ride my little two fiddy
and like Gustavo says, I still have to be carefull. It is a fast bike.

On my way home I just _had_ to take Germantown. 26 traffic determined
it for me when it all slowed down right at the Bethany exit. I stopped
by my sister's and my niece was comparing her bicycle helmet to mine.
She really wanted me to put it on and walk around the house with us
both wearing helmets. Very cute.

Got home around 5:30.  It was a very nice day. This whole motorcycle
riding thing is a little addictive ya know.

No pictures. I dropped my camera this weekend and it is quite dead. No
pictures for a while.


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